ARA Kids

Looking for educational activities to keep the kids occupied? We've searched the web and found some fun citizen science projects and activities that we've adapted so you and your family can do them in your current location, no matter where you live. You don't need any special equipment for these activities and they can be easily adapted to all ages. Plus, we have some awesome prizes up for grabs.


Parental supervision is recommended and although we ask you to share your location, please do not share your address. Suburb or City and Country are all you need to post (especially on social media). Winners will be selected based on imagination, creativity, ability to follow instructions and scientific findings. Hint: We are interested in how you interpret your findings - there is no such thing as a wrong answer here. 


Winners announced Saturday mornings at 10.00 am, on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Important Note: We are unable to post prizes immediately, due to Covid19-Level 4 isolation in New Zealand. We will endeavor to ship prizes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Cloud Watch

Mission: Observe and collect information about the clouds in your neighbourhood.

Litter Bug

Mission: Keep a picture diary of the litter you spot on your daily walk!

Earthworm Hunter

Mission: Identify the different types of earthworms in your backyard.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

Garden Bird Survey

Mission: Collect information about the types and numbers of common garden birds in our own backyard.

Star Spotter

Mission: Collect information about light pollution by making observations of the night sky.

Mission: Find a group of ants and video their behavior.

Ant Reporter

Manu's Journey

Mission: Use your imagination to take Manu on a new journey. Draw a picture of where you'd take him.

Scavenger Hunt

Mission: See what you can find in nature using the ques provided.

Trash Bot

Mission: Get creative! Use recyclable materials or up-cycle things to make your own Trash Bot.