Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

Fun activities for kids of all ages. Feel free to use the templates provided, or create your own. 

We'd love to see your pictures, photos and videos. Share your creative work with us on Facebook and we'll pick a few to feature on the website and win a prize.

Manu Drawing_Template1.png
Take Manu on a new Journey
Manu Drawing_Template2.png

Use your imagination to take Manu on a new journey! 


Maybe you'll take him to your favourite park, your marae, or your home town. Choose a template and draw a background around him to show us where you’d take him.

Manu Drawing_Template3.png
Scavenger Hunt

See what you can find in nature. Once you have found something that matches the text, draw it on a piece of paper.

If it's a rainy day, see what you can spot outside your window.

Scavenger Hunt_ARA Kids.jpg
Make a Trash Bot

Can you make a robot using trash found around your house? Get creative, use recyclable materials, or upcycle things no longer needed or used.

Don't forget to give your robot a name and tell us all the cool things it can do.