Ko ngā Haerenga a Manu

Journeys of Manu - Maramataka

Client: Panuku Development Auckland

Project: Te Mata o Rehua

Objective: Bring 12 stone carvings to life

As part of Manukau City's, Te Mata o Rehua project, local Māori and Pacific carvers produced twelve stone statues showcasing the seasonal signs of the maramataka (Māori lunar calendar).


To bring these amazing pieces of art to life, we created an augmented reality (AR) experience, blending the artistic expressions from the carvers interpretations and our digital representations of each theme. To deliver a truly unique experience, we redesigned our character to speak English and Te Reo Māori (the first AR character of his kind!). We also incorporated GPS technology to enhance user experience.


We believe the blending of physical art and AR is a way to provide mixed reality experiences that inspire imagination, bring stories to life, and engage people on multiple levels.


AR colouring

App Highlights

  • 1st AR English/Te Reo Māori character

  • Indigenous storytelling platform

  • Can be used worldwide in up to 200 locations at any one time.

App Features

  • Bilingual character

  • Subtitles

  • Stories can be replayed at home

  • AR colouring feature

  • Hidden mini-game

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How to use the App 

The Journeys of Manu - Puhinui Stream Challenge

Project: Puhinui Stream Challenge

Objective: Incorporate digital technology into the trail.

As part of a collaboration with Healthy Families Manukau, and The Southern Initiative, we built the first Māori augmented reality game, The Journeys of Manu. The game was designed to connect Māori and non-Māori, with the rich cultural and environmental history of South Auckland.


Manu’s first ‘journey’ was centred around one of Auckland’s polluted and neglected waterways, the Puhinui Stream. The stream was once a rich source of freshwater and kai (food) for many Iwi (tribes) living around Manukau. As part of the ‘Puhinui Stream Challenge’, Manu appeared when users scanned different ‘markers’ placed around the course, told a short story about the stream, and gave users a new digital taonga (token) at each marker.


The prototype blended augmented reality, gaming, indigenous storytelling, and orienteering, for a fun and informative mixed-reality experience.

AR Markers

App Highlights

  • Indigenous storytelling platform

  • Can be used at home

  • Permanently located at Westfield Manukau City, Auckland, NZ

App Highlights

  • Subtitles

  • Stories can be replayed at home by printing the markers

child playing a mobile game
mobile phone showing mobile augmented realtiy game

Where in the World is Manu?

Hong Kong | Australia | Rarotonga, Cook Islands | New Zealand

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