Auckland, New Zealand

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©2018 by Augmented Reality Applications Ltd.

Last updated: 08/2019

Why we do, what we do

ARA Ltd was established in February 2018 with the aim of enhancing cultural (re)connection, interactions with whakapapa and whenua (land), and the normalisation of te reo Māori through innovative applications of technology.


By focusing on the interface between traditional mātauranga (knowledge) and augmented and mixed realities (AR & MR), we hope to provide the community with interactive experiences that promote health and wellbeing and bring together culture and technology.


Our digital platform is designed to share the stories of Iwi, and all indigenous cultures, during pre-colonisation times. We want to preserve and share the stories that our tūpuna (ancestors) told, and passed on for generations. The stories that talk about the importance of the Maramataka (Māori Lunar Calendar) and the environment. The stories that we are slowly losing with the passing of our elders.


Our ultimate goal is to build a distinctly Māori, tech company and create innovative activations that help increase Iwi-based tourism opportunities and encourage Māori cultural enterprise.

Who are we?

Digital Disruptor 

Amber Taylor

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


  • Mastering the art of disruption

  • Developing innovations for the future

  • Designing digital experiences for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Ko tēnei taku pēpeha ki te taha o tōku papa

Ko Taranaki tōku maunga

Ko Urenui te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Ngāti Mutunga tōku iwi.


Ko tēnei taku pēpeha ki te taha o tōku māma

Ko Tutamoe te maunga

Ko Wairoa, me Kaipara ngā awa

Ko Mahuhuterangi te waka

Ko Ngāti Whātua, me Te Rarawa, me Ngapuhi, me Ngāti Mahuta ōku iwi.

Storytelling Ninjaneer

Dr. Isaac Warbrick

Co-founder/Chief Operations Officer (COO)


  • Blender of the old and the new

  • Connector of culture and innovation

  • Linker of stories and applications

  • Proposer of great (and random) ideas

  • Above average husband, and father of 5

"Whaia te iti kahurangi”


Ko Arawa te Waka,
Tarawera te maunga
Ko au te uri o Ngati Rangitihi, Ngati Te Ata, Te Mahurihuri hoki

Gaming Jedi

Ben Kenobi

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Building digital environments

  • Mastering the future of digital play

  • Designing a new generation of online games

Ko Manaia te maunga

Ko Whangarei te awa

Nō te Kaokaoroa o Patetere ahau

Ko Tipene tōku whanau