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Our why

Our mission is to bring indigenous stories to life through the seamless integration of te ao Māori and immersive technologies.

At the heart of our digital solutions and augmented reality (AR) games lies a commitment to fostering a deep connection between people of all ages and the land they inhabit.​​


We believe in the power of storytelling to bridge the past and the future, and we are dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous knowledge, stories, and languages for generations to come. Our innovative use of technology serves as a vessel for these narratives, allowing them to thrive in the digital age while remaining deeply rooted in tradition.

Beyond technology, we strive to promote diversity and representation in the tech industry, extending our focus beyond code and algorithms.

100% Māori Owned

Located in NZ

Registered NZ Company

Zero Outsourcing

Ethical Game Developers

Backed by Research



Group of young friends watching Manu
A female outside looking down at tablet screen
A group of young male students looking at a mobile phone with their caregivers

We are committed to creating new technologies that embrace and celebrate the diverse cultures that make our world unique.

By representing underrepresented communities in the tech space, we are not only shaping the future of technology but also fostering a more inclusive and equitable world.


Join us on a journey where innovation and tradition converge, where stories are not just told but lived through the immersive experiences we create. At ARA Journeys, we are not just a digital technology company; We are the architects of a future where technology and culture harmonize, empowering us all to connect, learn, and grow together.


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ARA Journeys, is a New Zealand based group of academics, researchers, creatives, and ethical game developers dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital technology solutions and augmented reality games.

Our Team

Ngāti Mutunga, Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Whātua, Ngā Puhi, Te Rarawa

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Contact Amber

Dr Isaac Warbrick

Ngati Rangitihi, Ngati Te Ata,

Ngā Puhi

Founder/GM, Indigenous Innovation

Contact Isaac

Ben Kenobi

Ngāti Rua, Whakatōhea

GM, Digital Operations

Contact Ben

James Brooks

Ngāti Pamoana, 

Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi

Software Developer

Contact James

Jess Woodward

Ngāti Mahuta, Tainui

2D Art Generalist/Tech Artist

Contact Jess


Maddi McNally

Ngāti Mutunga, Te Āti Awa,

Ngāti Whātua, Ngā Puhi, Te Rarawa

GenZ Content Creator (In training)

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