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Kōrero tuku iho - contemporary indigenous storytelling


Do you remember a time when the land spoke to you? Somehow, you sensed there was something special it wanted to tell you? Perhaps a memory from another time. Your eyes widened and scanned the horizon, hearing sharpened, and suddenly, the wind, the birds and the hum of your surroundings sprang to life.


And how did you feel? Ah, yes. Present. Grounded. Alive. Just for a moment, you were one with Place.  If only the land could tell you its story. Surely, it would connect and inspire you with a deeper sense of belonging to this Aotearoa. From this, our rich Māori stories of the land. 


Focusing technology through the Te Ao Māori lens for health and wellbeing


At ARA Journeys, we aspire to help you experience the kōrero of our land. As contemporary storytellers, we’re blending our passion for kōrero tuku iho (Māori stories of the past), stunning new media technology and a desire to raise healthy families. Our team of researchers, designers and coders have been chipping away on very something special to reawaken that wonder in our world of Te Ao Māori through new media.

In our waka, we share a desire to lean into our indigenous voices and tell our kōrero tuku iho in the most captivating and nurturing way possible. This means honouring the stories we’ve been entrusted with by showcasing them where two worlds collide: in the natural world as well as the world of new media.


An Augmented Reality technology platform, purpose-built for indigenous storytelling 


At ARA, we have become Kaitiaki (guardians) of indigenous stories. Having kōrero tuku iho Māori stories and pūrākau (Māori legends) entrusted to us is an honour. So, when it comes to bringing them to life, it’s not a business. We are custodians of an oral history that has been passed down generationally by our ancestors. Myth and legend that were whispered around a fire are now ignited with the touch of a button on our Augmented Reality platform.  Now, we are able to take you on an immersive journey where Māori stories are not only brought to life on screen but revealed in their physical place. Users work with our technology, their

environment and whānau or peers to play. And that is the real game changer.  Because in Te Ao Māori, being connected to the land requires us to fully engage our senses and work as a collective. To hear and see what knowledge your surroundings and your people have to share. 

Expanding healthy awareness of physical place with a contemporary storytelling technology 


In this extraordinary Digital age, we are inevitably becoming more distracted by sensory overload than ever. As a SaaS tech gaming company, we’re acutely aware of it. As parents ourselves, we also worry about the long-term effects of kids' gaming. As Educators, we’re also fully aware of the behavioural shifts divide use can cause. We are all guilty of a little device tunnel vision.  You know, the one- where our focus becomes myopic. Suddenly immersed in the digital world, we lose our sense of our true surroundings and turn our attention inward. Evolutionarily, we are in pursuit mode. Every game company understands that over time traditional gaming strengthens our dopamine pathways which seek reward. And while we are in this mode, it’s very difficult to come back to the here and now where the hormones of connection rule. We all talk about the importance of being present, but this everyday mindfulness is a skill that needs honing.  


A team of educators, developers and dreamers set on one goal: Re-awakeinging wonder in kōrero tuku iho


At the heart of our team's work is a mutual desire to put the mīharo (wonder) back into Māori storytelling. When we see our player's eyes widen and their smiles broaden, we know their curiosity has been peaked. So, it’s an objective to help everyone who interacts with the Ara Journeys platform feel like they are truly a part of the experience and that these stories belong to them too. Our immersive technology beacons users to explore the games as well as the environment and, ultimately, themselves. For at the heart of Mīharo is the realisation of the vastness around, the hidden gems that are waiting to be revealed and the beauty of working as a team. If you are ready to join us on an ARA Journey, contact us today.

Our why


Amber Tylor

Amber Taylor


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Ko tēnei taku pepeha ki te taha o tōku pāpā. Ko Taranaki te maunga. Ko Urenui te awa. Ko Tokomaru te waka. Ko Ngāti Mutunga me Te Āti Awa ōku iwi.

Ki te taha o tōku māmā. Ko Tutamoe te maunga. Ko Wairoa me Kaipara ngā awa. Ko Mahuhukiterangi te waka. Ko Ngāti Whātua, Ngāpuhi, me Te Rarawa ōku iwi.

Dr. Isaac Warbrick

Dr. Isaac Warbrick

Co-founder / General Manager, Indigenous Innovation

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"Whaia te iti kahurangi”


Ko Arawa te Waka,
Tarawera te maunga
Ko au te uri o Ngati Rangitihi, Ngati Te Ata, Ngā Puhi hoki

Ben Kenobi

Ben Kenobi

General Manager, Digital Operations

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Ko Manaia te maunga

Ko Whangarei te awa

Nō te Kaokaoroa o Patetere ahau

Ko Tipene tōku whanau

James Brooks

James Brooks

Software Developer

Early Career

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Ko Ruapehu tōku maunga

Ko Whanganui tōku awa

Ko Te Ati Hau Nui A Paparangi tōku iwi

Ko Koriniti tōku marae.

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Jess Woodward

Artist Apprentice

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Ko Ōhuiarangi te maunga

Ko Waipaparoa te awa

Ko au te uri o Tainui

Nō Tāmaki ahau

Maddison McNally

Maddison McNally

Gen-Z Content Creator

Student in training

Nō Ngāti Mutunga me Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Whātua, Ngapuhi, Te Rarawa ōku Tūpuna​. Ko Amber Taylor tōku māmā

Ko tēnei taku pēpeha ki te taha o tōku pāpā. Ko Whakarongorua te maunga. Ko Utakura te awa. Ko Te Popoto te hapu. Ko Ngāphui tōku iwi.

Our Team
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