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Immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds. 

At ARA Journeys we want to help you rediscover the wonders of indigenous stories, connecting generations through shared tales of the land. This is where education meets excitement and adventure knows no age limit.

For Gamers & Explorers

Embark on an adventure that transcends the boundaries of ordinary play and immerse yourself in the magic of our location-based augmented reality games!

For Parents & Caregivers

Are you a parent or caregiver in search of games that promote positivity without any sense of competition? Look no further! We take pride in creating games that uplift and inspire without causing stress or anxiety. At our core, we believe that every journey is a win, and each step taken is a victory. With our uplifting games, you can embrace positivity and not feel guilty about screen time on your mobile phone or tablet.


For Educational Professionals

As a teacher or education professional, you have the power to inspire the next generation by utilizing ARA's specially designed games to connect your students with the great outdoors. Our games aim to enhance students' mood and energy levels and simultaneously uncover the untold stories of the land. Witness how curiosity flourishes as your students explore and learn the ancient knowledge of the world that surrounds them.

If you would like to learn about our AR workshops and learning and teaching resources, check out Tuwhiri in Schools

For more information on the research behind our games, subscribe to our Blog.

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Journeys of Manu

Adventure through the native trails of Aotearoa with your guide Manu and learn all about Maramataka. 

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Explore Aotearoa while uncovering local history and crafting real world rewards.


Te Hekenga

Take your first steps into a world of ocean exploration and migration in Te Reo Māori.

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Ahi Kaa Rangers

As an Ahi Kaa Ranger you need to take care of a living world, just like the Kaitiaki of Aotearoa. 


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