The mountains need you...
As an Ahi Kā Ranger you need to care for a living world, just like the Kaitaiki (Guardian) of Aotearoa (New Zealand) care for Papatūānuku (mother earth).
You care for your living world by earning resources in the game. This can be done by moving and breeding creatures in your world or by helping other players. But to really get ahead and earn bonuses, you should complete a real-life citizen-science mission.
Try one of our live example missions for your chance to win great prizes and provide feedback on the game. For more information check our Facebook page.
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ARA - Rangers - Banner Concept - Charact
Select your mission...
Help us find out how healthy NZ's monarch butterflies are by observing them in your back yard.
Observe saltwater shoreline wildlife and help us understand NZ's marine life.
Have a closer look at your groceries and help us design a way to rate NZ's packaging.

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